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Tips For Your Kids On Holiday Break



Tips For Your Kids On Holiday Break



When all the new toys and holiday activities have worn off, what can you do to keep your children engaged and active? 


  1. Help your children learn healthy concepts of screen time. Make your own family media use plan. The AAP recommends less than 2 hours per day of any screens including TV, tablets, computers and video games. Don’t let screen time displace other activities such as face-to-face interaction, family time, exercise and time outdoors.


              Make your own plan at www.healthychildren.org/English/media/Pages/default.aspx



  1. Children often use food as a response to emotions and feelings. Sometimes children reach for food when experiencing boredom, depression and stress. Try to avoid using food as a reward and instead use words of approval. Come up with a list of healthy snacks you can both agree on.


  1. Finding somewhere to play can be hard when its cold out! Many websites have lists of indoor play spaces and activities for the week. Here are a few:






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